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Alex Heredia Feb 06, 2018

How to Get What You Set Out to Acquire (What tDCS Can Do For Your Goal Setting)

tDCS Brain Stimulation. Sharpen skills

You’ve probably read a myriad of articles telling you just how important goal setting is. Thousands upon thousands of highly successful people swear by it. Probably, you’ve already tried it numerous times.  You do the whole clearly-define-your-goals thing, you set up a detailed plan, incorporate all the milestones and rewards in it and still something goes wrong.  So now what? You start wondering whether it is the plan that is flawed or maybe the flaw is in you. You sit at the desk one more time, re-sketch everything once again, set not-so-demanding goals and set out on a goal-reaching journey yet again. And again you fall short of the mark. This time it clearly must be you.  Sounds familiar, right? That’s because there are millions and millions of us doing the same exact thing. So is there a way out of this vicious circle? Well, if we are to ask neuroscientists, they’d say “YES” loud and clear.

Thanks to today’s technology, scientists have been able to decipher some of the secrets our brain holds which led them to an interesting idea that a little “tDCS” goes a long way, especially for goal setting abilities.

What exactly is tDCS?

Transcranial direction stimulation or tDCS is a method of using low-level direct current to stimulate the brain. Imagine a giant highway with millions and millions of lanes each going in different directions. The more lanes you have, i.e. synapses through which information is transmitted, is considered better by neuroscience. How fast you learn a second language, master a new skill like Golf, solve a math problem, etc.. can be affected by synaptic activity.

Simple math here: number of neurons+ brain’s plasticity= your intelligence

The higher the number of neurons and synapses you have, the higher your IQ will be.

And, whereas the number of neurons is not something we can change, it’s written in our genetic code (you can’t escape your parents no matter how hard you try), the plasticity of our brain is actually under our own control.

To get your brain to exhibit higher levels of ability means to constantly stimulate it, i.e. expose it to something you’ve never done before and do it continuously. This often requires quite a bit of effort and, what’s more important, time.

But, there’s a shortcut to the whole story, an electrifying shortcut indeed.  Who knew that zapping your brain for 20 to 30 minutes a day could actually draw your true potential out?

How can it help ME and My Goal Setting?

tDCS can be applied at home, through a tDCS device called TheBrainDriver.  TheBrainDriver consists of two electrodes, anode and cathode that you can place on different parts of your skull. The placement, or montage, of the electrodes depends on what part of the brain you’d like to stimulate (See the bottom of this page for a 10/20 "Brain Map" ). The montage that you might like to try, the one that “clears the fogginess” and helps you concentrate more easily, is orbital PFC, just follow the link above for the research-based data. 

Daily sessions lasting anywhere from as little as five to twenty minutes will be enough to give you that clarity of thought, as well as greater focus on what it is that you want to achieve.  With concentration levels increased substantially and your focus sharpened, it will be much easier to follow the plan you’ve made and that much easier to reach the goals you have envisioned.

FDA and tDCS  

tDCS or “the thinking cap”,  as it is known in the field of neuroscience has the true potential to increase people’s cognitive abilities. And yet, tDCS devices are not regulated by the FDA. One of the underlying reasons lies in the number of studies that are vast enough to be used for meta analysis.  

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