January 7th, 2024

Hello, my name is Alex Heredia, the founder of TheBrainDriver and I am honored that you have landed on our site!

Discovering tDCS – Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation - arose from my  lifelong desire for learning how to attain a peak-state and then sharing my findings with others. It is the result of many months of study fueled by desperation...

My personal background could be very well defined as a life-long “serial entrepreneur”. I am also a devoted yoga practitioner and (helmet-wearing) long-distance cyclist. My life passion is developing products that have the potential to enhance the lives of others. TheBrainDriver – a Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Device (tDCS), also known as the “9 Volt Nirvana”, is my passion. This device literally charges your brain with a safe, ultra-low electrical current for a predetermined time of 20 or 30 minutes (or less, if you choose).

I designed TheBrainDriver from discovery-to-conception-to-production along with a dedicated group of engineers who were given very strict specifications and protocols to model tDCS's highly unique characteristics. TheBrainDriver is now in its ninth full year of offering tDCS devices!

I personally use TheBrainDriver tDCS device and have noticed a dramatic, sustained improvement in my focus and energy levels, as well as a greater action-taking mindset, whether I'm breaking a new personal cycling record, writing for my blog, breaking through creative "mental blocks", or if I just need a spark of energy to get things done!
So, more energy + greater awareness = more accomplished with less “will power”.

My personal results using tDCS have been positively surprising and astounding. At the end of a long, hectic day, TheBrainDriver also helps me to wind-down and fall into the depths of a restful and nourishing sleep.

tDCS has scientifically demonstrated, through many studies worldwide, to be a technique for achieving the sometimes elusive goal of consistently attaining a peak state-of-mind. The results, as numerous studies indicate, are that tDCS can increase your cognitive ability, improve your state-of-mind (mood), speed up your reaction time, enhance your memory, better quality of sleep, etc.

It is now a device used by competitive gamers looking for an edge over their opponents, as well as those wanting to gain mental focus, sleep more soundly, write creatively, etc. There are literally thousands of published scientific studies on tDCS. It is estimated that in 2015 alone, 400-500 studies were conducted involving thousands of willing participants! The level of scientific research has increased each year and 2024 is shaping up to be the biggest year for tDCS studies so far.

As you go through the site, please be mindful that we do not make medical claims. Nor, do (or can) we suggest applications to help you treat conditions or attain personal outcomes. We can, however, point you in the right direction to related studies or discussion groups that may be applicable.

We have taken extreme care developing TheBrainDriver to be simple to use and safe for the novice. As mentioned, I personally worked closely with a team of highly skilled engineers to detail, design, test, re-test & manufacture TheBrainDriver to be accurate, stable, reliable and easy-to-use, so that you can experience the tDCS effect. My quality assurance team tests the devices prior to shipment in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality, trouble-free product delivered to your door-step!

TDCS is a safe and very exciting enhancement technology, to say the least!

I still personally use TheBrainDriver v2.1 tDCS device three to four times per week. Needless to say, I care very much about my health, body and brain – probably just as much as you do about your own!

That said, my sincere desire is that you attain the same kinds of positive experiences with tDCS that I and many, many others have.

Please feel free to email me at "support -at- thebraindriver.com”. I would be honored to hear from you!

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Alex Heredia
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