How I Came Up With 10 Ideas For My Blog in 30 Minutes!
Alex Heredia Mar 13, 2018

tDCS for Creativity and IdeasThis article is for all my fellow bloggers out there who truly know just how difficult it is to write a blog. But before I go on, let me get one thing straight: when I say a blog, I don’t mean yet another piece of completely useless, full of fluff, error-infested article that no one wants to see, let alone read.

You all probably know how difficult it is to come up with interesting and above all original posts. I sometimes struggle for hours to come up with truly awesome topics, which will be interesting enough to engage such a diverse group as my followers. I often find myself staring at a blank page for long periods, with my mind wandering off and my thoughts just scattered around.

This is my creation process. At least this was my creation process until I started using a little blue box called TheBrainDriver tDCS.

When I first read about TheBrainDriver (tDCS), the red alarm sounded off, saying that it must be a scam of some sort. So I decided to do some proper research.

What Did I Find Out?

TheBrainDriver is a tDCS device (transcranial direct current stimulation), a heavily studied method used by neuroscientists for decades now in treatment of different cognitive disorders. The idea behind tDCS is that by regular stimulation of the brain through low-level current, our brain enhances its cognitive powers, including our working memory, concentration and even motivation.  This type of stimulation enhances the thought processes heavily associated with how intelligent we are and how fast we think.

So, several years ago, I decided to give it a go and build my own tDCS device using a DIY manual with schematics that I found online. After all, I had nothing to lose. As for the side effects, the only thing noted by myself and some the participants in a majority of studies, was a temporary tingling on the places where the electrodes were placed.

First Session with TheBrainDriver

I put the electrodes, the anode on Orbital PFC (Fp1 and/or Fp2) position and the cathode on my shoulder. I flicked on the switch. As I was a bit apprehensive, I started with the lowest setting; 0.5 mA. I didn’t feel anything, no tingling sensation, nothing. So I decided to pump up the power, and placed it to 1.5 mA. This time I felt a slight burning sensation where the anode was placed.  Aside from this, I didn’t feel anything instantaneously different. But stubborn as I am, I decided -  I’m going to do one session every day, as recommended. So, the next day, the same process. Put the electrodes on, secured them with the headband, flicked the switch to 1,5mA and waited for 20 minutes. And so on, for 4 days in a row. On the fourth one, something was different. I can’t really explain it, but it was like a big wave of calmness. Things and noises started to phase out and my thoughts became somehow clearer, sharper. When I finished the session, I felt refreshed. So I sat down and started writing. This time, the process of writing looked so much different. This time there was no struggle. No fogginess.  Everything sounded as I wanted it to be. The thoughts formed nicely into meaningful sentences and they were an exact replica of what I wanted to say. Strange!

The next day, I decided to set a challenge and give everything a time dimension. Time was always a huge problem for me. My self-imposed deadlines were my worst nightmare and always stressed me out. So I said, why not write as many ideas in 10 minutes. The end result: 8 ideas. Although not all of them were great, not even a third, it was a great start. After each session, I would challenge myself. The reason why I’m writing this article is to point out that I have just successfully completed a challenge of writing 10 USEFUL blog ideas in less than 30 minutes.

Who knew that a bit of brain shocking would make me a better writer?

This was just my story. So, are you ready to unleash your true potential? Do try it out and let us know what it actually did for you!

I'd love to hear from you!

Have a Positive Day!
Alex Heredia
TheBrainDriver tDCS
9 Volt Nirvana Device tDCS


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